Hello I'm Josh (that's me over there).


I've been involved in healing and personal development work for around 25 years, after various health issues in my early twenties led to a journey of self-discovery and healing. I have a background as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, and began working more explicitly with trauma in 2011.


I also have a depth of practice in yoga and various kinds of active and passive meditation forms, devotional singing, ecstatic dance and movement. This all feeds into my sessions in one shape or form...


I like to be authentic and natural with my clients as much as I can. Whenever I've been in the clients chair or on the couch myself, I find it hard to relax if I can't sense the person behind the professional frontage... That said, it's important to me that whoever I work with feels held and supported in a clear, respectful and empowering way.


Please get in touch with any questions anytime and I'll usually be able to get back to you within 24 hours.

By email - josh@joshuaknight.net           
Face to face session - £70
Online session (via Zoom/Skype) - £65
Some concessions available, please ask!
Cancellation Policy
Full fee payable within 72 hours of booking