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Hi.... thanks for dropping by.


You could probably describe me as an empathic, intuitive and instinctual kind of practitioner. I like to give most of the emphasis to the body and the felt sense, and to drop into a more body-focused inquiry. But I will also offer reflection and analysis when it feels appropriate. Most of the time it's not possible to do effective somatic work without some exploration of the psychology and the patterns we have in place that keep us stuck or held back.


My style is informal and natural, and I try to be sincere as much as possible. And I like to include joy and laughter in the sessions when it shows up, as I’ve found this to be a very important part of trauma work….

Before working explicitly with trauma, I was at different times a massage therapist, energy healer and yoga teacher. I've also spent many years with different therapists, teachers and mentors, exploring the inner self and how it relates to the world. More recently I have been diving into the amazing world of tai chi, chi gung and ancestral lineage healing. All of this personal work naturally informs the way I work professionally alongside the somatic therapies I have spoken about elsewhere on this website.


I am also a singer songwriter, have led devotional chanting sessions for many years and ran a much loved independent shop in Oxford with my partner until we closed our doors in 2022.

I'm very happy working working in person or online.

By email -
By phone - 44 (0) 7747 610539          

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