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Client testimonials

"I first saw Josh twice in person before the first lock down and then continued to see him online over the next year. I was a bit dubious about how it would be online but I have found his sessions just as powerful and helpful. Through working with Josh I feel that layers and layers of trauma have gradually peeled away and released. He works in a sensitive intuitive way with great depth, and I always felt safe and validated in his sessions. I have finally dumped a lot of the baggage I was lugging around with me and feel lighter and brighter. Thanks so much Josh! " CM, Oxford

"I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for just over a decade and have tried various therapies and processes over the years.  I have found the Somatic Experiencing technique to be most effective. It works on the link between the mind and the body in a way that other therapies don’t manage, at least to such a noticeable extent.  For most of my life I felt empty inside and would divert myself from this feeling with being busy, feeling the need to have goals and a constant urge for a sense of achievement.  With the onset of CFS in mid life I was no longer able to be busy but felt uncomfortable in my own skin.  After just over a year of work with Josh I now feel whole inside and can at last “be”.  Doing stuff is a “nice to have” rather than a constant gnawing at me. My body is more relaxed than it used to be.  Most of my symptoms were to do with my body holding on to things. I’m doing that less and less and my gut reaction to life’s incidents is becoming stronger. As I change so the relationships around me shift too.  There is more room for negotiation, acceptance and affection.  Josh is a very sensitive, intuitive, intelligent and compassionate person and I have found working with him to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. As a final comment I would caution that to some people the techniques and processes might seem odd at first and some might even think they are the typical “alternative” hippy claptrap, but they really work, so I would suggest approaching SE gently with an open mind. Reading up on the  SE approach is also a good idea."  VS,  Oxford



"The Somatic work we did together was awesome. Taking mindfulness to a whole new level in trying to experience and find the core true self. In conjunction with standard psychotherapy the learning to live and stare into the abyss of 'self' was one of the most profound and amazing things I have done. Really there's nothing to fear under all that, and Josh helped me take back control of my life and make all the positives - of which there are many - outweigh the negatives, and the fear that haunt us all in our day to day lives."  TS,  Oxford 




"I've suffered with anxiety, depression, addiction, and low-self esteem all my life. I started working with Josh on the recommendation of an addiction counsellor. I had no idea what to expect, but went with the flow and found Josh's therapy incredibly helpful. I can be very sceptical and overly-analytical, but once I saw the therapy working well I allowed myself to just be. He treated me as an individual (he was working with my sister at the same time and we both benefited from his methods, which were different and unique for each of us), finding the treatment that worked for me. He created a safe, secure, and caring environment in which I felt calm and free to explore myself. Over the years I've had many different types of traditional therapy, such as CBT, but I found Josh's methods were unique to me and therefore really beneficial. His patience and innate understanding of me and of the human mind and spirit stood out, and allowed us to find the healing of soul and mind that worked best for me." SB, Kidlington 

"I highly recommend Josh as a practitioner. Working with him has been a key part of my healing journey from chronic fatigue and physical, emotional and spiritual burnout. His gentle and powerful holding, his intuitive guidance and drawing on a range of approaches and experiences have empowered me to find a new way of relating to life and my body that I will never look back from." HG, Newcastle

"Working with Josh has provided me with the support and space to really connect with myself, whilst I navigate gently through painful experiences from past and present. The sessions have really been a help to guide me through some periods of terrible anxiety and post traumatic stress.  Every session is different and I've experienced profound yet gentle healing around my relationship with myself and others. It's been truly profound and a huge part of my journey from a very fearful place in my life to something so much more grounded and secure." EH, Newbury 

"Speaking as someone who has worked with nearly 20 therapists (including a handful of doctors & professors) over the last 5 years, Josh offered me something different almost immediately. Whereas as others talk about the problems of intellectualisation, or suggest dissociative solutions (in my opinion) like mindfulness, after only 3 sessions Josh actually guided me into my body awareness of state - something which I found truly profound.  Everything else just melted away leaving me feeling completely at ease with my sense of being.  No thoughts, no past or future concerns encroaching on the present - pure being.  I really feel that Somatic experiencing helped me get in contact with my true nature.  With it comes an innate trust in self & a knowledge that we are strong enough to get through the challenges that sometimes occupy our minds. I look forward to continuing my work with Josh."

JT, Reading

"Josh has helped me face some of the most difficult parts of my past, and thanks to his wonderful calming presence it has been relatively painless; something I never thought it could be. Josh gives you time and space to experience what you’re experiencing while always providing a safety and stability that means you can truly let go.  Working with Josh has been a profound experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, and this work, to anyone."  HR,  Woodstock

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