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Seated Acupressure Massage


This wonderful massage treatment is a hybrid of various Eastern and Western techniques, sometimes called ‘Chair Shiatsu’ or ‘On-site Massage’.  It works on the muscles, tissues and the energy meridians of the back, neck, head, arms and hands. While it relaxes the muscles and allows the nervous system the chance to shift into a calm state, it also boosts and enlivens the whole mind-body system, so you're able to go back to being fully functional and active afterwards. This makes it an ideal daytime treatment for busy people and I usually treat people at work for half hour or even 20 minute sessions.


What can you expect in a treatment?

This is a massage form originally designed for people at work with stress and stress related conditions, so it works through clothing, with no fuss, using a forward facing comfortable chair with arms and head support. Each session can be tailored to suit the person’s needs, with more emphasis on certain areas or issues you may have.


What is it good for and who can it help?

It's ideal for anyone who just wants to feel more relaxed and give themselves a re-charge. Specifically, it's great for tension in the shoulders, neck, back and arms – especially repetitive strain (RSI) type problems. Modern day life stress always impacts on the body somewhere and it's usually found in these areas, so we take time to soften and release tension. It can also help with computer over-usage conditions like eyestrain, headaches and ‘brain fog’ as it refreshes the energies fuelling everything in the brain.

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